Vortex Equine is Florida’s premier equine transport business, and our Always Fair Pricing guarantees you the best trailering experience for both you and your horse.

As horse people, we understand how valuable your horse is to you and how imperative it is to have a knowledgeable shipper.  As shippers, we know how important it is to have well maintained trucks and trailers. 

As an added benefit for owners, trainers, and riders, Vortex is licensed with the Department of Transportation (# 3490902). A DOT license is a seal of quality that shows a driver has the skills and competence to drive commercial vehicles on America’s roads and highways. 

Ship your horse with the professionals who care. Your horse is in the best hands with Vortex Equine. 

Trailer Safety Features

·  Permanent video cameras monitoring all horses on the trailer

· Gooseneck Drop: Tough enough to stop a .45 caliber bullet, our drop plate is made from a single large plate. The drop shape, including the gussets and top and bottom angles, are cut using a very accurate N/C (numerically controlled) plasma cutter

·  The bottom rail has been thickened and the shoulder resting on the cross members is longer. 

·  The thickness of our under-floor cross members has been increased by 20% and center to center distance has been reduced from 12” to 9”. Its cross section has been modified to resist bowing or twisting under loads.

·  A web added to our extruded top rail transformed it from an open sided shape to a fully enclosed structural strength tube.

·  Floor sheets are corrugated for added stiffness.

·  Bottom rail reinforcements added in gooseneck floor.

·  Openings for large side ramps and slide out rooms are reinforced by a massive extruded aluminum extrusion, replacing a steel angle once used.

·  The 3/16” (was 1/8”) aluminum drop plate is a single solid plate with integrated, extra large gussets formed to accurately square the gooseneck to the trailer body

·  The side posts used in our trailers are hollow rectangular tubes, extruded in three sizes, 1” x 2 1/2”, 1” x 4” and 1” x 8” with 1/8” minimum wall thicknesses. Even though it is more expensive to extrude a hollow tube, as opposed to an open shape like a C-channel, we feel that the extra strength imparted to the side wall makes it worth the investment. To minimize sharp edges, the side of the post facing the inside of the trailer has rounded corners.  Each size is suited to its designed purpose. Door frames, ramp openings, windows, etc., each requires a post designed for that function

·  Anti-sway (racking) design: 4-Star incorporates several design features to control racking. The rear header is contoured to exactly match the profile of the top rail. The header fits snugly into the radius of the top rail, similar to a jig saw puzzle piece, limiting its range of motion

Comfort Features:

·  Quiet Ride Technology: Per the United States Olympic equestrian team and The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs in Ontario, Canada “The duration and intensity of stress can impact the horse’s capacity to grow, reproduce, train, perform and maintain health.” “A trailer that travels quietly and smoothly will provide a more comfortable and less stressful ride for the horses.”

Rubber Torsion Axles provide a smoother and quieter ride than leaf spring suspensions and are standard equipment on all 4-Star trailers

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene plastic or UHMW as wear pads, bushings, and bumpers in areas where metal-to-metal contact was often the cause of premature wear on components also had the side benefit of reducing noise levels inside the trailer

Our trailers are double walled and insulated in the horse compartment. The walls are lined with .090″ on the head wall and .125 (1/8”) aluminum on the kick wall. Rubber is bonded to both the head and kick wall.

· Ventilation Fans: Our trailers are equipped with fans that cool each of the 7 horses on board. Watch this space for enhancements coming soon!