The Importance Of Private Horse Charter in The Horse Transportation Industry

As horse owners, we cherish our horses above most other possessions. They are our friends, our family members, and our partners. 

Today we will be discussing the importance of private horse charter services in the horse transportation industry. 

If you are looking for transportation for your horse this show season, then knowing the different types of horse transportation is essential to picking out the right type for you and your horse. 

The main types of Equine transportation and Private Horse Charter

  1. Shared trips/ general horse hauling, or door-to-door trips (these are prescheduled trips involving multiple stops, multiple barns or destinations, and various owners’ horses on board the truck.) 
  2. Route-trip services (These are similar to shared trips but are much more private. Vortex Equine only accepts up to four horses per route trip runs.)
  3. Private Equine Charter services (Private, exclusive, horse transportation for a single owner or barn’s horses. Generally, there is room for up to six or seven horses aboard these trailers, depending on the size and style of the transport.)
  4. Specialized racehorse transportation services (Tailored towards the needs of racehorses.)

Private horse charter for professional horses and riders and all the information to keep you updated

How to select a Private Horse Charter service for your horse

  • Consider your needs and consider your horse’s needs

When searching for equine transportation you need to consider what you need and expect personally from the transportation company, along with if your horse requires special care or considerations that may not be typical. 

If you prefer your horse’s legs to be wrapped a certain way or fed a supplement at a certain time, make sure to let your professional horse shipper know about those requests.  

  • Set expectations

What expectations do you have for your horse’s care? 

Make a list and be sure to let your professional horse transporter know what you expect from them or any special requests you have. 

  • Determine your route/ trip needs

As there are different trips and services offered, be sure you know what type of service you need. 

If you are having your horse shipped to a show, there may already be a route underway. Contact Vortex Equine today to ask about route trip chartering services for your horses. 

  • What to look for in a professional charter service

There are some differentiating factors among horse transportation services, and not all horse shippers are made equally or care for your horse equally. Look for a professional who:

  1. Has exceptional amounts of horse care and handling experience. Someone who has dealt with great horses and difficult horses is also helpful as they will know how to handle even the most daunting tasks in horse transportation along with how to keep your horse calm and safe. 
  2. Licensed and legal.
  3. They keep up with their maintenance and are always expanding their truck and trailer safety. 
  4. A company that is professional, customer service oriented, and cares deeply about your horse(s.) 

The importance of private charter in the horse transportation industry

  • Why private charter is different

Private charter is different that standard horse hauling because of the level of service and privacy that you and your horse receive. 

It is, in essence, the difference between an economy airline seat on a public airline and a first-class seat on a private jet. There really is no comparison. 

  • How private charter is revolutionizing the horse industry and what it means for you

If there is a level of service for horses that resembles that of a first-class private jet, then this means that horse transportation is drastically different than it used to be, even mere months or years ago. 

For our discerning clientele, we offer state-of-the-art systems and customizable trailers. The difference can be seen and felt. No more stress and worry about your horse’s care, condition, and health during transportation. Private equine charter sets the bar for equine transportation. 

Carefully considering your private horse charter needs and be sure to do your research

Why Vortex Equine Private Horse Charter sets the standard higher for you and your horse

  • We are Licensed and Legal
  • We Have A Proven Track Record Of Being Trustworthy
  • We Set The Standard For Exceptional Trucks And Trailers, And Take Our Maintenance Schedules To The Next Level. 
  • Our drivers are always professional horsemen before they are professional equine charters. Specializing in various parts of the horse training and care industry, with over 20 years of horse care experience. This is what sets us apart and why we can ensure that your horses are in the best hands. 

At Vortex Equine, we believe that your horse’s well-being is the first and foremost priority that and that is why we go to the extra mile. Check out what some of our private horse charter clients’ recent trips have been like on our client spotlight page.

Final thoughts on the importance of private equine charter in the horse transportation industry

With all of the changes happening within the horse transportation industry, the importance of private equine charter is quickly becoming evident. Today we discussed some of the most important things to consider in equine transportation and shipping, and why Vortex Equine stands apart from the rest. Horse transportation and equine charter are the lifeblood of our lives and we are determined to keep raising the bar. 

Have questions about private equine charter? Contact Vortex Equine at: 888-511-3591