3 Things You May Not Know About Vortex Equine’s Horse Transportation Services

When it comes to horse transportation services, it can be challenging to understand the differences between the various styles of service offered.

At Vortex Equine Transportation, we primarily offer two choices for equine transportation to ensure you receive the best service for you and your horse’s needs. 

Vortex Equine Transportation

Horse Transportation Services offered by Vortex Equine: 

  • Private Horse Charter or Private Horse Transportation (Sometimes called an Equine Shuttle service.) 
  • Route Trip Services

Understanding the difference between Vortex’s Private Horse Charter services and Route Trip services

The main difference between Vortex Equine’s private horse charter services and route trip services are that the route trip services are pre-determined trips and may or may not be a private haul. Up to four horses may be transported during our route trips. 

Our Private equine charter services offer ultimate comfort, style, and exclusivity regarding equine transportation.

During a private charter trip, your horse (or horses) are the only ones on board! Whether traveling to a show, having a horse picked up from the airport, or moving to a new facility, our horse transport services are genuinely for every discerning equestrian. 

3 Things you may not know about Vortex Equine Transportation

The 3 things you may not know about Vortex Equine's Transportation Services.

#3: Vortex Equine uses STATE-OF-THE-ART technology.

Vortex Equine Transportation believes in using the best of the best. We think that both you and your horse deserve peace of mind during your trip, and we seek to offer that by constantly improving our fleet and using CCTV footage monitoring systems onboard. 

Fun Fact: Vortex Equine Transportation trailers are FULLY customizable, offering box, California-sized, and standard stalls. 

#2: Vortex Equine believes in trust and professionalism.

Trust and professionalism are some of the most important aspects of horse transportation. Your horse is not only your family member, they are your partner and may even be your livelihood. You don’t simply trust ANYONE with your horse; you seek out the best. Vortex Equine has built a reputation that speaks for itself, and we are constantly inspired by our clientele. 

Horse transportation requires skill, knowledge, passion, and the ability to problem-solve. These qualities are what Vortex Equine looks for when employing shippers. We hire only the best equine shippers in the business that possess the skill and countless experience with horses of all ages, levels, disciplines, and abilities. 

#1 Vortex has a quality tier system we LIVE by.

At Vortex Equine, we believe that if you want to become better at what you do and never stop improving, you need to create a system that keeps you pushing toward perfection. This belief is why Vortex Equine Transportation created the quality-tier system. 

Our quality-tier system is as follows:

  • Professional horsemen 
  • Legal haulers
  • State-of-the-art equipment and religious maintenance

Vortex Equine Transportation would be thrilled to take care of your precious cargo. Are you interested in our services? Reach out to us at Ph: (888) 511-3591   –     OR learn more about our previously routed trips and charter services on Facebook or Instagram