Horse Transportation 101 and Equine Charter

Today we are going to learn about horse transportation 101. You trust your horse transportation professional to carefully and safely deliver your horse to its destination every time.

Unfortunately, not all horse transportation companies provide the level of care, attention, or dedication you expect! As an owner seeking reliable transportation for your horses, you should know what to expect from the transporter.

This also includes the care your horse will receive once on the road. 

Knowledge is power, especially for horse owners, so follow along as we venture through horse transportation 101 and everything you need to know.

Horse transportation is a unique industry.

Especially at the private equine charter level.

Horse transportation has become notorious for poor service in years past; however, Vortex Equine Transportation is on a mission to change this perception.

We are dedicated to the well-being of horses and revolutionizing equine charter and transportation. 

At Vortex Equine Transportation, we understand and share your passion for your horse(s) and the level of care you expect. We treat your horses as if they were our own. 

Let’s look at horse care on the road and what to expect.

Horse Transportation: Care On The Road

Horse care and safety on the road should always be the number one concern for a horse transporter. This is the first “rule” of horse transportation 101!

At Vortex Equine, we offer many route trips that are prescheduled to go to many different hunter/jumper, dressage, or eventing shows.

Once the horses are loaded, there are typically no stops until we arrive at our destination.   

On longer horse transports and private equine charter service trips, you can request stops, feedings, and other additional services to ensure your horses get everything they need.

Horse transportation 101 and private equine charter... What you should know as an owner.
Horse transportation 101 and private equine charter… What you should know as an owner.

What To Expect As A Horse Owner When Considering A Professional Horse Transportation and Private Equine Charter Service

When you are considering horse shipping or equine charter services, it is essential to know what you should expect. The second “rule” of horse transportation 101 is to know what to expect and what level of care your horse is going to receive. Here is a short list for reference:

  • You should expect your horse to be treated with care by professionals who know how to safely manage and handle horses of all “transportation levels.” This means that in all situations and with all types of personality styles of horses, the shipper can handle them in a manner that actively prevents issues and sets the horse up for a safe and stress-free trip.  
  • You should expect that your horse is monitored and checked regularly by the horse transportation expert. Accidents can happen quickly in trailers; this is why Vortex Equine takes the initiative to ensure the safety of all horses by having state-of-the-art equipment and CCTV cameras onboard. 
Horse transportation 101: This video shows a perfect reason why video footage in trailers is SO important. Many accidents, injuries, or other issues could easily be prevented with continuous monitoring of horses onboard.
  • You should expect your horse to arrive on time at the agreed-upon location.
  • You should expect your wishes and preferences to be met with understanding and professionalism.

What Makes For A Great Horse Transportation And Private Equine Charter Business? 

At Vortex Equine Transportation, we are on a mission to bring the highest-quality horse transportation and equine charter services to the industry. We have been in business since our founder, Juan Botero, had a dream. He believed he could provide horse transportation that set him apart from other horse transport companies. The horses being transported should be handled exclusively by knowledgeable horse professionals to ensure the well-being, comfort, and safety of the horses being hauled. 

  • Your horses experience with Vortex Equine Horse Transportation and Private Equine Charter

With our horse transportation and private equine chartering services, your horse will experience the Vortex Equine difference. 

We provide our clientele with fully customizable, state-of-the-art trucks and trailers with complete CCTV footage. We not only transport your horse, but we genuinely give him a first-class chauffeuring experience. 

No longer will you worry about your horse’s condition when they arrive at the destination. You can trust that your horse will get where they need to go and arrive there looking (and feeling) just as good as when we put them in the trailer!

This is not just a business to us, at Vortex Equine Transportation, we offer horse transportation because the passion placed in our hearts for the care and wellbeing of horses is at the forefront of our lives.

Vortex Equine Horse Transportation is the number one choice among horse professionals. Take a horse transportation 101 tip from the pros and choose Vortex.
Vortex Equine Horse Transportation is the number one choice among horse professionals. Take a horse transportation 101 tip from the pros and choose Vortex.

Why You Can Put Your Trust In Vortex Equine Transportation’s Private Equine Charter And Horse Transportation Services

Horse transportation 101’s third rule is to find a transporter you can TRUST. Entrusting your horse to someone else takes a great leap of faith. At Vortex Equine Horse Transportation, we believe that trust is earned just as much as you do. In this section, let’s look at some ways Vortex Equine puts trust first. 

Choosing a trustworthy horse transportation company can be challenging. Here is a list of questions to ask when inquiring about horse transportation and private equine charter services:

  • How long have the horse transportation professionals been working with horses and what is their background?
  • Are they legal?
  • Do they have DOT# and MC#?
  • Do you have client testimonials I can read?
  • What is your truck and trailer maintenance schedule like?
  • How often do you stop to check on and water the horses during long trips?
  • Does the transportation company have cameras in the trailer to monitor the horses?

As diligent horse owners, we always want to ask the most insightful questions. Asking some of these can set you and your horse up for success. If you have any questions about horse transportation 101, private equine charter, or horse transportation services, please contact us at 888-511-3591 and we would be happy to answer your questions!